Jennifer Wise
How To Catch Up On Rest!

I found myself overwhelmed, stressed, overextended as well as plain old tired of being tired! I said ‘yes’ to too many things. I did not always recognize my body’s signals telling me to rest. I was pushing through, yet in my head seemed to be saying something like ‘just one more thing to complete’ and ‘I’ll rest when I’m dead’. Then I realized, there was a big difference between the two! I needed to restore myself. I needed rest.

Originally, I had begun practicing yoga about sixteen years ago when I moved to the Berkshires. Without knowing anyone there, I took a drive one day and somehow ended up at Kripalu Center. I joined the Berkshire Kripalu Community for residents. I fell in love with yoga, but didn’t really understand its depths, regarding it at that time as mostly just an excellent physical practice. I did relish the time spent in relaxation in savasana pose at the end of class! That’s when I finally got a chance to be still and rest.

Then I moved away and things got busier – new job, marriage, then graduate school. Followed by starting up my new career as an Occupational Therapist, new house, home repairs (and then more home repairs), and last but not least, babies (both human and with fur). I had forgotten the stillness I found when practicing yoga, as I was too busy achieving and managing responsibilities.

Serendipitously , I signed up for a local yoga-dance class and the teacher encouraged me to pursue yoga teacher training. I found myself making excuses to not do it. I realized I was afraid of not being good enough and in a state of ‘resistance’. I challenged myself to get over it by pursued the training! After nine months I became a yoga teacher! I am completely grateful and feel so inspired by my transformation through yoga, as well as gaining clarity to see people and situations more clearly. When I faced issues in my personal and professional life, I used the mantra of “Let yoga lead the way” to guide my decisions and it has always led me towards living out my highest good.

I attended a monthly yoga nidra class and I was intrigued. It was like an adult sleepover and the music was so relaxing. Everything just felt better after yoga. The stillness and rest I found was even better than savasana alone! I found a whole new level of rest within myself. Researching, I discovered Jennifer Reis’ Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra teacher training and offered over two weekends and in my favorite place of respite – the Berkshires, I jumped at the opportunity! This would fit into my schedule.

Learning more about the levels of body (koshas) and how they relate to the different stages of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra helped me to access my deeper levels of healing. And I felt I had everything I needed to know to prepare me to guide others through Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra. Jennifer has developed and shared the gift of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra training and I found it truly transformative, restoring and healing.

Now that I practice Divine Sleep regularly, I find that I’ve caught up on my rest and that I am able to remain more alert and aware, conscious of the inner workings of my mind and the visions and experiences. With each journey, I discover new things and uncovered new parts of myself in my mind and whole being. By the end of each practice, I feel more clear. I have been able to shift my priorities to live in greater alignment with my vision for a balanced life.

While I was taking Divine Sleep training, I worked in an environment that challenged me to assert myself as well as advocate for myself and patients. At times, it felt like a storm inside with all the emotions swirling! But I was able to stand grounded, still and committed to my truth. I used the hand mudras I learned in Jennifer’s training to help me remain true to my heart.

Every night, I listen to Jennifer’s CDs to help me sleep more peacefully. Her techniques are brilliant! The soft, sweet delivery of her guidance allows for the healing process to transform me on all the levels. After having a baby and experiencing extreme sleep deprivation, sleep is a glorious thing and so important for my daily functioning. It’s scary to think how previously I was functioning in a deficit!

As a result of yoga nidra, my sleep has improved immensely, allowing me to be more energized and restored and open to possibility each day. Since the training, I moved myself in a new direction, creating a business, Radiant Journey LLC that will allow me to let ‘yoga guide the way’ and help people. It seems to me that people of all ages and abilities are searching to have another ‘hold space’ for them, to hear their story, and help them both remember inner stillness and connect with their bliss.

Now, I create meaningful connections with others. I find I’m able to live in accordance with my values, and have a deeper understanding of the myself. I find myself able to draw boundaries and honor my heart wish daily! I feel comfortable saying “No” more to those demands, people and situations that drain me and pull me off center. I recognize my body’s signals telling me when to rest and then I actually am able to respond kindly now to my body’s intelligence, rather than pushing.

It took me a while, but I’m glad I learned this life lesson. I have much appreciation for Jennifer and the gift of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra!