Jillian Dowling

I am busy mom of two boys and have been working as a holistic sleep consultant for the last five years. I’m always searching for ways to help myself, my family and my clients relieve stress and bring peace and calm into their lives, which in turn, helps to improve sleep.

A few years ago a friend suggested I try using yoga nidra with my clients and it was then that I discovered Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra. I started using Jennifer’s CD’s one-on-one with my clients. Because it was so helpful to them, I searched for and found Divine Sleep classes in my area and became a regular student! It had been helping my clients to sleep better, but I was amazed at how much it helped me as well.

I don’t struggle with sleep issues, so to be honest, I didn’t think it would do much for me. I was wrong! I started to notice a deeper sense of calmness within that I had never felt before. Things that normally stressed me out were becoming easier to face. For example: when working with particularly high anxiety clients I can often take on their stresses and make them my own. When I was able to help myself be more calm I immediately started to see how it helped my clients also be more calm!

I hosted a retreat and within it I led Jennifer’s Divine Sleep script from her website. After the retreat I received an email from a student who found the yoga nidra was her favorite part of the day, and that she wanted to join my class! I wasn’t teaching classes yet, but it sure made me want to. Because of its effectiveness for my clients and myself I wanted to share Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra with as many people as I could! That very day I registered for Jennifer’s Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher Training at Kripalu.

Interestingly, again I thought I was going to receive a certification that would help so many other people, without realizing what a transformational experience it would be for me personally. For example:6 straight days of yoga nidra brings you deeper and deeper each day into what your heart’s longing actually is. I thought I knew what it was when I arrived at Kripalu but it was completely different by the time I left. I left with such a greater sense of self, it was life changing.

When I got home I played Jennifer’s Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra For Children CD with my boys before bed one night. The next morning my son told me that he had to get up during the night and he was a bit scared but he imagined his magic blanket was wrapped around him and he felt safe (that  actually happened :))

Jennifer is an amazing teacher and I could feel how authentic she is. The program was so thorough and I left feeling confident that I now have all of the tools to start my own journey with Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra and take it out into the world to help people become more calm and serene, foster healing within, and of course to sleep better!