Kate Curtis
Now I Can Meditate and Lead Meditation with Ease: Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra

Before discovering Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra my life was pretty good. I had a good job, good friends, and was passionate about teaching yoga. There was something missing, though. I felt like I was just constantly searching for “something more” and was never finding it. I needed a shift within myself, but had no idea how to find it. Even though I was a yoga teacher, I felt it very difficult to meditate.

Then I found yoga nidra. It’s a guided meditation usually practiced laying down that leads you through each level of being in order to both connect with your whole self and relax deeply. When I registered for Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra teacher training, I was thinking, “I really don’t want to do this whole meditation-thing, so I’ll power my way through it.” Yes, I began to push and force in my typical type-A fashion through meditation training! However, I was in for a pleasant, and life-shifting surprise.

Actually, I volunteered for the Student Spotlight so that I could describe the training itself, because it impacted me so much. So here goes: The first thing I noticed about the training with its originator Jennifer Reis was how incredibly organized it was. The training materials including the 200-page manual, power point presentations, and clearly outlined instructions, were pristine, intuitive, and contained everything you need in order to both practice yourself and lead others in Divine Sleep.

We embodied what we learned cognitively by practicing it in the yoga postures, hand mudras, breathing, and by being led in Divine Sleep journeys. We practiced leading each other with partners and small groups in manageable segments of the eight-stage practice. Jennifer’s method allowed the material and the practice to sink in gradually and fully.

To say the training was an eye opening experience is an understatement. I was the person who thought meditation was about as possible for me as learning to flying with my own arms! However, with Divine Sleep, I find I can follow along and practice meditation — deep meditation — without any trouble at all. And the benefits are amazing! I am more focused and have less tension in both my body and my mind. I have more ability to deal with daily stress. Basically, I feel healthier and happier. Which is saying a lot.

I learned so much about Divine Sleep and its incredible depths, which are a reflection of the depths of the long history of ‘yoga’ itself. Divine Sleep guides you through your five levels of being called koshas. Visiting those levels brought me lasting transformation as each day I felt profound shifts within myself after each specific journey.

I was at the point in my life where I could not move forward without dealing with what was holding me back. Divine Sleep allows you to simply ‘be’ with it, without trying to change or fix anything. As that was happened for me it felt uncomfortable for a few moments, but Jennifer provided a safe environment where I could simply sit with the feelings and then let them move past, and as each one passed, I felt more and more free within myself!

By the end of the training, my path forward in life was clear and I was hooked on Divine Sleep! I was truly happy for the first time in years! Previously I never understood why so many people say that meditation is a core part of their day and now it is the core of my day. I lead Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra in my yoga classes during savasana, and my students absolutely adore it. Numerous students have told me that for the first time ever they were actually able to relax and let their minds rest in stillness.

The other great thing about Divine Sleep is that you do not need to go anywhere or find a class, or even carve out much time in your busy schedule for it because all you need is 12-40 minutes to practice to receive the benefits. Jennifer’s CDs and MP3s are fabulous for a home practice – she does a great job at providing varying themes and lengths of time to accommodate every schedule.

Jennifer is a kind soul and an extremely thorough teacher. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in meditation, who is looking for a change, or, as in my case, anyone who doesn’t think they want or need meditation in their life!

Kate Curtis