Kay Lynn Stevens
Now I Trust In My Calm, Peaceful Center

Before I began practicing yoga, I was very competitive and achievement-oriented – a classic Type A personality. I worked myself into exhaustion through over-effort in every area of my life. Through my academic training, I had become A linear thinker: analyzing data, reporting results of empirical investigations, and also teaching students to have the same skill set.

I was not totally available or approachable to others because of my orientation to achievement rather than simple presence. My heart longed for more balance. I wanted a deeper connection with my friends and family. I felt like I had little to give to others and needed to nourish my spirit.

A lovely yoga teacher named Terri moved to my small town, and looking to find greater balance in my life, I began my yoga journey. From the first class, I knew I had found my path for living a healthy, heart-centered, and joyous life! Our teachers are precious gifts.

Five years later I became a certified yoga teacher, not with the goal of teaching, but to deepen my own understanding and practice. I fell in love with yoga nidra during the training. There was no yoga nidra teacher in my area, so I made do with books and recordings.

I attended a yoga retreat and met one of my most precious soul sisters, Judith. We have remained close over the years and during the pandemic, Judith hosted a yoga birthday party in which Jennifer taught a class via Zoom. I loved Jennifer’s creative style and yoga nidra journeys, so I began attending her classes online.

My Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra practice has helped nurture what I call the ‘Hawaiian sunrise’ in my own heart that is always there, even if I don’t always feel like I’m in paradise, I know it’s in me! Now I trust in my calm, peaceful center.

This has been a big support as I have recently returned to in-person college teaching, and all the stresses this era brings. My heart’s desire is for the glow of my ‘inner sunrise’ to be a source of light and refuge to others. I know that when I am in this good space it radiates outward to those with whom I connect.

My yoga and yoga nidra practice feeds my creativity, helps me to cultivate joy, and allows me to be more present and more heart centered. I am grateful to have these practices because they have helped me tap into my true nature. This way of living feels much better!