Kelly Garofalo
I Have Built the Most Important Foundation for My Future

Before discovering Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra, I felt like I was mostly in a state of panic – fight or flight. My adrenals were overworked. My body begged for rest: I did not know how to invite rest or even begin to relax. Not knowing this only taxed my body, mind, and spirit further. I lacked true connection in nearly all aspects of my life.

The ‘Three P’s’ as in ‘Parent, Public school teacher, and Pandemic’ had taken over the ‘Three C’s’ in my life: ‘Clarity, Control, and Connection’. I was spinning out of control. My attention and energy was focused on putting out the fires in life that were seemingly growing faster than I could control.

As an educator, I could not accept the lack of efficacy I was experiencing at work, and therefore I exhausted endless amounts of energy trying to change things. My students were hurting, confused and stuck. I felt that I could not guide nor heal them in the way my heart wanted to.

It left me feeling inept as an educator. What used to bring me joy, now left me in panic. My own children were also suffering. My youngest pre-teen child had bouts of sobbing on the floor and in my arms, then fell into a deep depression. I felt helpless watching my child suffer. There was no energy for anything more than getting through that very day. Therapy, medication, family workouts and meditation – yet it still was not enough.

My first experience with Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra with Jennifer was at Kripalu. The experience was both profound and delicious. I melted into bliss and the practice left an imprint on my body and nervous system: pure ‘knowing’ had been awakened. It subconsciously tugged at me to acknowledge and listen. Although my mind did not fully understand the process or what yoga nidra really was, I could feel the depth of its effects. This knowledge inspired the beginning of my journey in what has become a very important and impactful life changer which continues to unfold.

I Just Melted

My practice of Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra taught me how to invite my body to welcome what it was begging for, and I let myself melt. It helped me to restore ‘Clarity, Control, and Connection’ within my life, one day at a time. The more I explored what Jennifer had to offer, the more I journeyed into inner peace. I just melted! I felt a greater sense of control and was capable of managing what before seemed impossible. Clarity arose more and more as time progressed.

For healing and deeper connection, I attended Jennifer’s Weekend Retreat at Kripalu Center. This was all that my body and soul ached for. One blissful weekend – it was wonderful. ‘After enlightenment, the laundry’ it has been said. Returning, I struggled to bring that peace into everyday life. But then, as a beacon of light, when I saw in Jennifer’s newsletter the invitation for more in her teacher training, I intuitively knew this was for me!

I signed up for Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra Teacher Training without hesitation, and also without any intention to actually lead it, because I knew the learning would serve me. The content was structured, on point, clear, and immersive. The connection with others I made in the group was reassuring and inspiring. Jennifer’s commitment to learning and relationship was amazing. I loved that she wove in supplemental modalities such as mudras and energy points.

It was rich and intense and I know that through this experience I have built the most important foundation from which my future experiences will flourish.

This training had an unexpected delightful effect on my family. In preparation for our final training assignment, I led my two boys in yoga nidra from a script that I compiled and wrote myself. I was in awe of their experiences. “Wow Mom, that was amazing!” and “Where did you learn that?” It was as if I had learned something exotic and special.

In this moment I learned that my family practicing together is not only what we all need, but could also help them have the tools for navigating the uncertainty of the future. Their willingness and gratitude for the practice has led to an unexpected family connection which I cherish. With this encouragement, I know now that I will lead yoga nidra. I will also have more to offer in the upcoming school year because of my new learning.

Now that I am clear, connected, and in control I feel more able and right now I am looking forward to taking my 200-hour yoga teacher training. Ultimately, myself, my family and my students are all benefiting from yoga nidra. I could not be more grateful.

Thank you Jennifer! I appreciate so much all you have had to offer and I am looking forward to continued connection and learning.