Luisa Mendoza
Through Difficulty, I Found Joy with Yoga & Meditation

After going through several family deaths, including my parents’, I felt very lonely and sad. I cannot explain the depth of sadness I experienced for many years. I had a constant sensation of pain in my heart, and a hollowness in my chest. Not only did I lose four family members in a five year period, but I also lost my whole country – my husband, our two children and I moved to the US in 2005.



Life as an immigrant has not been easy. I use to feel very isolated and also insecure about the future, then I began to suffer from anxiety. I spent night after night without sleep. Thoughts of past events went through my mind, which deepened my feelings of sadness and seclusion. Imagining the future filled me with stress and fear.

Our first few years were very difficult for me. We had two more children and I stayed at home caring for our four children while my husband worked long hours, even on weekends. Somehow I learned to find my way here in this new land, and helped my children to adapt to their new lifestyle.

Anxious nights not being able to sleep became my ‘new normal’. I was unable to calm myself and to fall asleep. I was restless.

Then I discovered yoga. And when I began to go to classes, I started to feel a somewhat relaxed. Little by little, I started to feel connection with my body. It was a slow process and also not easy for me at the start of it: I remember arriving on my mat with no strength or interest. I had to force myself through the practice, BUT I started noticing how my attitude was changing.

Slowly I felt inner peace, strength, and joy! Emotional balance became my norm and all my emotional wounds began to heal. Through yoga, I became stronger and healthier, happier and calm! My whole life was impacted and I felt enthused to continue my daily yoga practice.

Two years ago I took my 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training! As I dove deeper into yoga, I discovered that I wanted to help other people who have been hurt in life and want to heal up. I have begun to teach private and group classes.

I have found yoga is a journey of self-discovery, healing, finding inner joy and contentment inside, regardless of difficult life circumstances. Yoga and meditation have taught me to stay calm and strong through the difficult moments. Today, I can say that I am a stronger woman, more balanced and truly happy! I am very grateful for this transformation which has helped me to become a better person. Now I live in and enjoy the present moment, and not worrying so much about the future, or dwelling on the past.

A big turning point for me was taking Jennifer’s Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Retreat this August because I reached levels of relaxation that were previously unknown to me. When I listen to her voice and guidance, I truly relax and rest – it’s magic! After I practice yoga nidra I feel so refreshed and renewed, with innermost bliss and internal harmony.

Now I usually do Jennifer’s yoga nidra CD around 5:30 pm because, like for many parents, my children are doing homework, and we are all tired! It’s an excellent moment for me to take 15-20 minutes for myself. It helps me calm down and re-energize. Then I feel relaxed, rested and strong as I much more calmly prepare dinner, and continue with a lovely atmosphere at the table for our family dinner together. Then comes bathing the children, and going-to-bed routine.

Now I find I actually feel re-energized to clean up the kitchen, and finally, like a gift, sit down and have a conversation with my husband! I try to go to bed around 10pm. The great news is that I AM sleeping much better! And that’s true for most nights now.

I want to attend Jennifer’s Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra training in the near future. Yoga nidra is a great tool that I want to share with people around me who are also seeking. Jennifer is a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher. I appreciated her dedication to us during our retreat. I love the tone of her voice, and the way she guides the Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra.

I am so grateful to you, Jennifer! Thank you for increasing my inner peace, teaching me and helping me to sleep and restore, so I can wake up feeling well and energized!