Marilyn Gold-Mandell
I Am Lighter and Brighter Now!

In the past, I was very disconnected from my body, and had little energy. Some challenging life circumstances – including being a care-giver – made me put myself last. I also was in a place of tolerating circumstances I would now find unacceptable. I endured physical trauma, was neglecting myself, and stress in my life compounded it.

During the past two years, I have been focusing ‘letting go’, and on giving myself better self-care. But something was still amiss. I felt sluggish, stiff and depressed. Although I had a practice of daily art-making, journaling, and other sources to help expand my recovery, a piece to the puzzle was missing.

An Instagram a posting of Jennifer’s class popped up. I liked what I read, as the guided imagery components appealed to me. I took one class to try it out, and the meditation and imagery got me hooked! After one session something had shifted for me. I then signed up for a month-long series of Jennifer’s joint nourishing yoga.

I have made a commitment to myself to regularly attend classes Jennifer teaches because of how much lighter and brighter I feel after. My limbs have more energy and I feel newfound freedom. My body is releasing the physical abuse it absorbed. Best of all, it has me getting physically stronger, but in a gentle way. I also feel increased creativity in my art, and in my life.

Jennifer’s encouraging voice reminds me that I will benefit from the yoga practices themselves just by doing them, and that I do not have to ‘push it’. This shift of how I hold myself and live in my body is positive. Jennifer’s classes are helping me return to my body and soul after being not present in it for a long time. I am learning to listen to my body and heart and care for myself. I am finding myself again.

The yoga nidras guide me to a place of ease and comfort. Combined with the yoga postures, it gives me a way to heal that feels whole and complete. I look forward to the variety of practices I take with Jennifer during the week because with one, I know I am building wellness habits, and nourishing my relationship with myself. With each class I feel myself blooming and expanding. I am very grateful to be able to participate in these online classes.