Teresa Vesey
Peaceful And Rejuvenated In The Front Row Of My Life!

Teresa jumped right into the front row of my retreat at Kripalu Center!  Talk about a bright light – she was so lit up from within!  I was amazed to hear her story and hope you enjoy it.

When I went to Kripalu in January 2015 I was trying to come back from a painful break up. As a single, self-employed business woman, the stress of that year depleted me on every level. And worst of all I felt unworthy. Rejection, abandonment, loneliness and also my brother’s death, all emptied me and I could not imagine any escape.

With the encouragement of a friend, and knowing nothing of Jennifer or Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, I enrolled in her weekend retreat at Kripalu. On the opening evening I walked in and a space in the front row literally opened to me, as if it was inviting Me! Typically, I would not have sought a front row mat, yet unconsciously I took myself to that mat — and am so glad I did — for it was there that I was able to receive the loving nurturance Jennifer gave. Everything was taken care of all weekend long. It was magical!

The retreat left me feeling so peaceful and rejuvenated. It transformed me. Especially powerful was that I could come home and practicing with Jennifer’s Divine Sleep CD. I love the hand mudras, each one of them, and every time I practice at home on my own, I felt like she was right there with me. I knew I had to return to take a more extensive course with Jennifer. And I did. I could barely wait to get back to Kripalu this past August to be taken care of again!

For me Jennifer is adorable — yet she is totally professional with an attention to detail and clarity of instructions, followed by examples and demos and everything I needed to get the most from the postures. Her class is so much more than postures. The potent practice of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidras helped me re-enter each part of my body. I returned to my inner home. When she led us through mudras or guided imagery my mind settled down, and I was enveloped in a sweet peaceful quietness.

The five-day Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra filled out for me all the gifts that had begun during the weekend retreat. I was able to shift into a sense of freedom and peace much more quickly. And this time I was very conscious of taking a mat in the front row so I could see Jennifer as closely as possible without distraction.

Her guidance into the Five Elements of water, air, fire, ether and earth opened me to my own flowing energy. I was able to stay with myself and be exquisitely attentive to the movements and sensations and experience of being in my body. Being present and feeling grounded was what I most needed. There was no ‘right way’ nor were there any rules to follow. Props and supports were everywhere. Her assistants knew exactly how to help. And I didn’t have to do it perfectly without any pressure to be perfect.

The freedom I feel within through Jennifer’s Five Element Yoga is palpable. I feel grounded, rejuvenated and feel its life-giving potency. It has picked me up and given me new awareness of myself. I know all too well how life can be so dark at times. Now I know, trust, and feel with every part of myself, that there is another way to live! Life continues, there are moments of unknowing, yet I know now I have the tools to bring me back to where I can be fully alive.