Verne D’Angelo

It is said that ‘When the student is ready, the teacher shows up’, and Verne added: ‘regardless of age!’ When Verne turned 60, and she thought of being 65 one day, she wondered what will she do then? Something in her said she had to become a yoga teacher. Verne is a breast cancer survivor and began practicing yoga after having surgery. What an inspiration! She let her light shine and did her yoga teacher training for her 61st birthday!

“Teaching yoga is the perfect thing! I am so grateful for this opportunity and for my teachers.
I was able to attend Jennifer’s Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra teacher training in Ontario, Canada. I had been leading yoga nidra, but fumbling my way through the dark to some degree, and Jennifer’s training helped me to learn the depth of this powerful practice and also to feel confident in my delivery of it.

My life before my own yoga nidra practice was a little different! I was not calm. I jumped in with both feet. My personality was reactive.

Now I am less reactive, calmer, and more grounded. I use to go through periods where I felt disconnected and did not have my feet on the ground and that has changed. I have more space in my mind to stop and think. I am able to step back and consider things, and know what feels right before jumping in. I am less selfish and more expansive in my viewpoint.

Currently I am going through months of house renovation. The initial renovation uncovered more serious problems and it has been unending and very stressful to live amongst all the chaos with my home upside down. I am much more relaxed in how I am handling it all and less picky. “That’s life”, I say. Before I would have been tearing my hair out. The other day I sat down and laughed in the midst of everything and the renovator asked if I was okay? I said I am laughing, not crying! It is intense, but I am happy with how differently I am navigating through it all.

A family member aggravated me and I knew instead of reacting to her by opening my mouth and going into confrontation which had been my habitual way, I went outside and raked leaves! It was a good decision — it felt good to be physical and cleared my head and heart. That would not have happened before.

I now have clear boundaries with my adult children. I often felt in the middle of their interactions and arguments with each other. I am able to state what I will and will not do-rather than get sucked into it. Intuition and my inner voice speak. And now I listen now. I can hear it. That is new for me.

I act instead of react. And that makes me feel like I can breathe! I truly wish I had this 30 years ago. The way I once dealt with things – ugg! Yoga Nidra has given me tools that I now have within myself, that have a major impact on my life.

I am grateful to Jennifer and appreciative of her experience and knowledge. Generally people have knowledge but don’t share it. Jennifer gives away what she has in order to help other people — she gave me this gift.”