I Allow Five Element Yoga Flow

Dvimukham Mudra

‘I Allow’ Five Element Yoga Flow assists you in opening your heart to let go into allowing this moment to be exactly as it is; and allowing you to be exactly who you are! Make modifications to make it work for your body and comfort levels.


1. DVIMUKHAM two faces mudra — hands are held in front of navel

“I allow each unfolding moment to be just as it is.”

In order to relax fully, it’s necessary to release concerns and worries. Not an easy thing to do! Dvimukham allows relaxation of body and mind as it slows the breath and directs it into the pelvis and belly for deep restoration. Also aids reproductive, elimination and urinary systems. Calming the nervous system, this mudra can bring relief from insomnia. Increases Earth and Water elements. Deep peace and well-being.

Hold for 5-10 natural breaths, then repeat phrase both aloud and silently. Mudras presented here are modified from the book Mudras for Healing and Transformation by Joseph and Lilian LePage.

State phrases aloud or silently while you move to the rhythm of your breath in these dynamic postures and repetitions:



2. INHALE “As I open I trust my body and breath…”

Hands on your legs, lift both your tail and heart upward to expand your front body. Inhale through your front torso nourishing each cell with oxygen and energy.

EXHALE “As I look inward and allow myself to be.”

Round your spine, tuck your tail, and relax your neck and head as you squeeze old air out of your lungs. Close your eyes and go inward trusting your inner knowing. Repeat 3-5 times.






3. BREATHE “I freely let go what does not serve me.”

Goddess: Deviasana pose. Legs wide apart and feet turned out 45’ with knees directly above the ankles. Arms bend 90’ in cactus arms. On each exhalation let go anything you no longer need downward through your feet and into the ground.
Take many breaths here.






4. INHALE “Trusting the ground that holds me…”

Hold your knees and breathe Earth energy up through your legs and feet. Trust the Earth to hold and support you.





EXHALE “I allow life to be exactly as it is.”

Let your exhale come from your belly as you twist to reach your right shoulder towards your left knee. Inhale back to center and then exhale to the other side. Repeat 3-5 times per side.




5. BREATHE “Fully supported, I am restored.”

Malasana: Earth Squat pose. From Goddess legs, lower your hips down towards the ground or sit on a block for extra comfort. Palms together in prayer pose, use your elbows to press your knees wider apart to comfort. Breathe restoration into every cell like delicious nectar.



6. BREATHE“My inner light shines freedom within me.”

Pascimottanasana: Forward bend pose. Bend your knees and sit tall. Wrap your arms under your knees clasping opposite elbows. Glue your belly and chest to your thighs. Flexing your feet, slowly press your heels away from you. Do not try to straighten the legs but rather focus on keeping belly and chest on the thighs.



7. BREATHE “Steady and supported, I allow life.”

Purvottonasana: Reverse Plank or Reverse Table pose. Sitting with your hands behind you and knees bent or legs straight, lift your hips. Either keep chin close to chest or slowly release your head back. Feel your strong bones and muscles supporting all of who you are.


9. BREATHE “Grounding presence calms my inner being.”
Rest as the child of the Earth that you are: calm, grounded, supported and loved.





Five Element Yoga is a vibrant and colorful flowing practice created by Jennifer Reis. She draws from Eastern traditions of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Integrative Yoga Therapy and Kripalu Yoga. The result of practice both nourishes and balances your inner earth, water, fire, air, and ether elements to cultivate harmony and increase health. Join Jennifer for Five Element Yoga retreats: Martha’s Vineyard, Kripalu Center, and more!

Jennifer Reis Yoga©

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