Learning to Self-Love

What does it mean to Self-Love? And how do I cultivate a life lived by it? Self-love is about learning to listen and to care for oneself. And with this care – not only you – but all beings, and the whole universe, multiverse, are abundantly fed and fueled with this potent nourishing energy.

Living in Self-Love gives others permission to do the same for themselves. Having compassion for yourself sets the tone of ‘compassion’ in the room and lets others know you will treat them, and all of life, with kindness, encouraging open hearts and minds. All other beings who you touch and who you come into contact with will be affected with your caring and positive light towards yourself.

Self-love is not indulgent! For when you listen to yourself and meet your own needs, there is less dependence on those around you to meet your needs. Then you can sit back and simply enjoy being in the company of others without the struggle of having to ‘get’ something from another. We need others – we are not islands – but we need ourself first.

What is good for you is good for all beings and the world. But don’t take my word for it, try it out yourself. I encourage you to go through an entire day ‘Living in Self-Love’. You may want to journal or draw at the end of your day to reflect. Below are the guidelines.


How to Live in Self-Love: 5 Easy Steps in 5 Minutes

Take one minute or so with each step:

1. Still the Busyness to Slow Down

Take a break now and sit or stand, with eyes closed, return inward, and take deep belly breaths for one minute. You may like to count your exhalations backwards from 10 to 1. This prepares you for Step 2.

2. Deep Listening

Bring your hands onto your belly and notice what you experience in your body. Feel your body and its sensations. Notice your breath and energy. Are you tired? Wired? Peaceful? Grateful? Reconnect by listening within, just as you might listen to a baby in your arms who needs something.

3. Accepting What Is

Invoke deeper listening now to your feelings, mood, emotions that are present as you witness what is true for you right now. Remaining present and in acceptance of anything that arises to give it some ‘air’ time. Be with what is in compassion.

4. What do I Need Right Now?

Ask yourself this question… and give time for your body and being to answer. It may be as simple as a glass of water. Remember – its not what you ‘should or could need’ or what would ‘be good for you’, but what you actually and honestly need right now.
If what you need now is a practice then here are some ideas:

   a.   Practice Self-Love with Hridaya Heart Mudra
   b.   Lie down and listen to Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra (Healing Chakra Chorus is available on YouTube or you can purchase other tracks in SHOP).
   c.   Practice LIVE IN LOVE Breath:

Breathe a little deeper, and as you inhale in your mind state ‘I Live’ for the entire duration of your inhalation. As you exhale state silently ‘In Love’ also stretching it sound of the words out the length of the exhalation. You may also like to try this while walking: left foot steps forward state ‘I Live’ right foot steps forward state ‘In Love’.

5. What is My Heart’s Deepest Longing?

The most important question of your day, and of your life!  This is a key practice within Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra, and it can also be practiced anytime during your day to connect with your heart’s wisdom.

Allow your heart to answer in its own language what it desires.  Take time to listen.  It may come as color, feeling, shapes, landscapes, images, sounds or something else.

Then state your heart’s wish to yourself three times, in present tense, with positive words, as though it’s already happening now.  Something like “I live with greatest compassion for myself and all beings”.

Jennifer Reis Yoga© 2019




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