Behold Beauty – Five Element Yoga® Flow


Awaken your ability to See and Receive Beauty with this easy and invigorating posture flow.

First, warm up your body with some backward shoulder rolls, head turns, then twist your body and arms side to side to the rhythm of your breath.


State phrases aloud or silently while you move to the rhythm of your breath:


A. EXHALE “Though at times I see nothing but my troubles and others suffering.”
Retreat and rest within in Child’s pose. Go inward. Invite and feel all feelings as they arise.





B. INHALE “Beauty in the world lifts and heals me.”
Smile and from Child pose sweep your arms up overhead. Open your arms like a flower in bloom welcoming beauty in.


Repeat A-B one to three times.






C. EXHALE “I look inward and find beauty fills me.”
Downward Dog: Bring your hands to the earth and press your hips up and back. Root your fingers and hands into the ground, and gaze toward your hips. Feel Earth’s grounding presence rooting and comforting you as a support for the act of looking inward.



IMG_5711 (1)

D. From Down Dog: step your Right foot forward and raise your arms into Anjanyasana (image below).






E. INHALE “I celebrate beauty all around me.”
Anjanyasana. Reach upward as the fountain of life and let your being be showered by vital energy of beauty all around you.Sweep your arms to the ground, and step back to Down Dog.

Repeat C-D-E one to three times on each side.





“My heart rests in beauty.”

Retreat in Savasana pose. Let go, smile, and feel your body resting in the palm of Mother Earth’s hands.




Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise or weight-loss program. The general information displayed here is not intended to substitute for or replace your healthcare professional.

Five Element Yoga®

Created by Jennifer Reis, Five Element Yoga® is a vibrant and colorful flowing practice that draws from Eastern traditions of yoga, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The result of practice both nourishes and balances your inner Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether elements to cultivate harmony and increase health. Five Element Yoga® invites you to celebrate your body with yoga postures, balance your energy with breathing and mudras, detoxify with self-massage, explore your creativity, and find deep rest and inner peace with Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra.

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