Heart’s Intention Statement vs Resolution


Goals and resolutions – like New Year’s resolutions – have deadlines which, if they are not met can make us feel like we’ve failed. Our efforts can backfire, making us feel not better but worse. Or, using the example of resolving to lose weight, it may be accomplished, but we might not find what we were genuinely after, like to ‘feel healthy, happy and free’, and the weight comes back on anyway. Studies prove that New Year’s resolutions fail more than they succeed.

Setting ‘Intention’ is different. Intention has a deeper, more underlying effect on who we are and how we live our lives and can affect real change.

Intention, called ‘Sankalpa’ in Sanskrit, is an ancient yogic practice that is more akin to prayer and surrender, and less like making a goal or a resolution like a New Year’s resolution. Rather than setting a relative goal like ‘losing 10 pounds’, we are attempting to look beneath the desire to lose weight (or what you are desiring to change) to find what your heart is longing for. This is usually something deeper and more universal. For example, what could be underlying the desire for weight loss is actually the desire ‘to feel healthy, happy and free’. This is your Heart’s Intention Statment Sankalpa!

When you find your Heart’s Intention Statement, say it as the truth to yourself aloud and silently three times or more during the day, something like: “I am healthy, happy and free in every moment.”  State your Intention, then let it go…  When you get out of the way you surrender your intention to the greater forces within yourself and the universe to bring it to fruition.

The wonderful thing is, you do not work at an Intention — it works on you!  There is no need to set a deadline for it, for your Intention will manifest when the time is right.  Trust in the process.  State it – leave it – and receive it.  The great mystery will bring it to you.  Intention brings greater transformation and has a longer lasting effect than our efforts towards goal setting.



When you want to make change in your life, or you are seeking your deeper wisdom, rest your hands on your heart and listen to the voice of your heart to uncover what you are truly seeking because there might be something underneath a primary desire. Take time with your heart…

From your heart’s wisdom, create your intention statement based on your heart’s message – in positive words and present tense.  Something like:

“I am whole and complete exactly as I am.”

State your ‘Heart’s Intention Statement’ throughout your day silently and out loud three or more times.


  1. During Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra: repeat your Heart’s Intention Statement during that part of the practice. And you can also weave in key words from your statement throughout the practice through your body and breath, stating your words silently within.
  2. While WALKING: in the house, to the car, to work, walking the dogs, and so on. Try coordinating your intention statement with your footsteps and breath – for example, step left “I live”, step right “in love”.
  3. With a MUDRA: Choose a hand mudra to practice with your Heart’s Intention statement. There are many mudras to choose from in this blog. You can practice your mudra with your Heart’s Intention Statement anytime your find yourself sitting, such as before a meal, or at your desk, in yoga postures, and during other times and activities during the day – it’s a wonderful reset break.

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Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation and a very powerful tool for creating change within yourself. One of the 8-stages of this practice helps you to find your heart’s longing and create your statement. Because you are in a higher meditative mind-state during meditation, it can help to open the doorway for you to both hear, and be transformed, by your heart’s inherent wisdom.  Your Heart’s Intention can descend deep within you as a seed that is able to root, receive nourishment and blossom into positive changes within you and your life!

Join Jennifer to create your Heart’s Intention in the yoga and yoga nidra CLASSES, WORKSHOPS, SERIES, RETREATS and TRAININGS.

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