Welcoming In: Five Element Yoga® Flow


Simple movements flowing with breath and intention allow you to ‘Welcome In’ all that is, with greater ease and gratitude within your heart. This easy flow is for all-levels. You will feel more open and at ease!

Please modify as needed for your comfort.

Warm-Ups: By slowing the movements of your body down with mindful breath-movements you can anchor your mind into the relaxed present.

img_6206A. Three or More Sunbreaths
INHALE: Open your raised hands as you lift upward from any suffering.



img_6182EXHALE: Release your arms downward like the beauty of the setting sun – quiet, slow, and graceful.







B. Threee Sunbreath Twists on both sides
INHALE: Arms up overhead like a child reaching for her mother.
EXHALE: Twist and float arms down to the horizon line as you spread peace both behind you and ahead of you. INHALE: Untwist as you raise arms up again. EXHALE: Twist to the other side.

C. Three Hip Circles in both directions.

Bring your feet wider apart, bend your knees and with hands on your hips and circle your hips wide. Ground down into all of the surfaces of your feet as you circle around.

img_6398D. Three Side Warrior Pulses
Good for: Standing firm within yourself, while Welcoming in the world around you, and within you.
PREPARATION: “I Stand Firm.”

With feet wide apart, work on rooting your feet into the Earth and strengthening legs by hugging the muscles into the bones. Gently draw your legs towards each other like scissors closing.



INHALE: “I Welcome Everything In, Just As It Is.”

Bend your forward knee into Side Warrior as you bend both elbows with palms facing upward to open your heart and wings to the sky. Strengthen between the shoulder blades. Keep your knee over your ankle.



img_6400EXHALE: “I expand into my True Nature.”

From your heart stretch your arms outward to realize all of who you truly are.

Now: Pulse back and forth with your breath, bending elbows as above, then reaching out three times on each side.


Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise or weight-loss program. The general information displayed here is not intended to substitute for or replace your healthcare professional.


Crafted by Jennifer, Five Element Yoga® is an integrative practice that combines the profound traditions of yoga, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, yoga therapy, and the insights of nature.

Five Element Yoga® is an empowering practice that encourages you to embrace your body through yoga postures, harmonize your breath with yogic breathing, rejuvenate your energy using mudras, cleanse your system with self-massage, unleash your creativity with integration techniques, and find profound rest through yoga nidra.

The primary aim of this method is to achieve balance and harmony within oneself. Designed to be accessible, it is suitable for practitioners of all levels, including beginners, providing a pathway to inner peace and holistic well-being.

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