Circulate Your Energy: Five Element Yoga® Practice

This Five Element Yoga® flow is designed to circulate your energy! In 10 easy steps, flow prana life-force through your joints, spine and body to  connect more fully with your inner wisdom. Learn to let go what is no longer needed opening to what is fresh and present for you now.

For all levels.

Approximately 15 minutes but you can shorten or lengthen it if you like by taking more or less time in each pose/practice. Also feel free to make any modifications or changes to accommodate your body’s needs.



1. Dirgha Pranayama

Begin by resting your hands on your belly and heart, breathing Dirgha Three Part Breath. Expand breath through belly, ribs, collarbones, exaggerating your breath to fully inflate. Take about 3-5 deep rolling breaths to sense your inner RHYTHMS.

2. Matsya Fish Mudra

“I am nourished by my inner healing waves.”

Left hand is under the right hand making a ‘fish’ shape in front of your navel. Matsya means fish and helps to activate Water Element to increase fluidity and hydration throughout the body. It is especially helpful for nourishing the joints and is therefor great for spinal alignment and arthritis.


3. Circle Your Joints

KNEES: Begin with hands on knees and circle them to feel your ankles and feet awakening (5x each direction).

HIPS: Slide your hands to your hips and circle your hips with bent knees (5x each direction).

RIBS: Float your hands to your side ribs and with hips stationary, flow your ribs in circles (5x each direction).

SHOULDERS & ARMS: Roll your shoulders backwards 3 times. Circle elbows, then wrists (5x each direction).

NECK: Turn your head gently side to side three times each side. Close your eyes and draw the infinity sign with your nose in the air (5x).

4. Trimurti Mudra

“I flow through all transitions with ease and peace.”

Bring your hands to your navel with thumbs lower than the bellybutton. Thumbs are together and index fingertips touch. Trimurti mudra helps to bring balance and harmony during times of change and duress, allowing a sense of flow in the natural order of things as life unfolds. Especially helpful for menopausal and PMS symptoms, reproductive system and may enhance fertility.

5. Seated Cat & Dog

Sit on your heels or cross-legged. Place your hands on your knees. INHALE: Lift your chest upward and roll shoulders back and shoulder blades down toward your ‘back pockets’.









EXHALE: Round your spine inward like a turtle back, tucking your tail and chin.

(Repeat three or more times).




6. Mandukasana Frog Pose

From Table Pose, slide your knees apart and lower your forearms to the ground with shoulders right above the elbows. Make sure your knees are in line with your hips and heels are wide apart. Gently rock your torso forward and back using deep Dirgha Three Part Breath. When you feel complete, slide or walk your knees and feet towards each other, then straighten your arms to bring you back into table again.



7. Paschimottanasana Variation

To set up for this pose, first from a seated position with spine tall, place your feet on the ground in front of you with bent knees. Wrap your arms underneath your knees and hug them into your chest. THEN slowly slide your heels away from you on the ground. Only straighten your legs as much as feels comfortable, making sure your chest stays touching your thighs. (The intention of this pose is NOT to completely straightening your legs out). Go inward and notice your breath. Breathe your belly against your legs. Take many breaths. Then rise back up to seated pose.


8. Supta Baddhakonasana

From seated pose, draw your knees wide apart with feet together on the floor. Hold your knees as you roll your spine down slowly, one vertebra at a time, all the way to the ground. Bend your elbows out to the sides with palms up in ‘cactus arms’, or straighten arms 45′ from the hips. Rest and breathe Dirgha breath, feeling the expansion of your body outward in all directions, like a lotus blooming.


9. Waterfall Pose Viparita Karani

Shift your hips up onto a cushion or yoga block, running your legs either straight up into the air, or rest your heels against the wall. Arms open out to the sides 45′ with palms upward facing to open chest. Feel the waterfall effect of energy and lightness flowing down through your legs, bringing energy and vitality to the reproductive system, spine, glands, sense organs and brain.






10. Rest and Reflect in Savasana

  • Let go your body now into the loving hands of Mother Earth. Feel your body heavy and sinking.
  • Notice your natural breath flowing like waves through your whole body and being.
  • Feel the warmth of your inner light and inner Self shining.
  • Become aware of your heart warmed my your inner sun begin to bloom like a flower.
  • Feel yourself blooming outward to fill the space of the sky and all the stars above.
  • Rest.
  • When you are ready, roll to your side. Press your hands into the floor and lift yourself up to sitting. Bring your hands over your heart and feel the effects of your practice, knowing you have done something wonderful for yourself!

Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise or weight-loss program. The general information displayed here is not intended to substitute for or replace your healthcare professional.

Recommended practice on CD or MP3: Five Element Yoga®: All Levels Guided Yoga Practice and Deep Relaxation: Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra®.





Five Element Yoga® is a vibrant and colorful flowing practice created by Jennifer Reis. This potent practice realigns you with the rhythms of nature as you explore your inner five elements.

An all-levels yoga practice, Five Element Yoga invites you to revitalize body with yoga postures, flow with yogic breathing, tune into your energy with mudras, detoxify with self-massage, deeply rest and rejuvenate in Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra, and integrate your discoveries with creative expression and reflection. More Info

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