Calming Five Element Yoga Flow

By slowing the movements of your body down with mindful breath and movements linked together, you can anchor your mind into the relaxed present where acceptance and love abide. For all-levels. (Modify as needed for your body). Repeat the phrases through your mind and body and you breathe. This flow takes 10 minutes or more.



A. Setu Bandhasana Bridge Rolls into Baby Bird

INHALE: “My breath and wisdom guide me to trust…”Ground your feet into the Earth and effortlessly float your hips up like there’s a balloon in your belly.
EXHALE: “…And how to set myself free again.” Roll down one vertebra at a time, bringing soles of the feet together, knees out to sides and bend elbows, palms upward like a baby bird’s wings. Pulse back and forth between these two poses with your breath. Repeat three times or more.







B. Double Supine Kapotasana Pigeon & Twist

“In my own house, I am always welcome.” Know that comfort is already here within you. Cross your Left thigh over the other, then pull knees toward your chest to stretch the hips/buttock area. Rock gently side to side to explore sensation for a few breaths.

INHALE: “As I inhale, I become light…” Bring your Right hand to your knees and lower them to the Right side. Extend Left arm outward for supine twist, allowing the nervous system to reset balance.

EXHALE: “As I exhale, all my tensions melt into the ground.”

Take three deep breaths adding phrases silently. Then uncross legs and repeat with Right thigh over Left.








C. Viparita Karani Legs Up the Wall

“I am ready to be with you, Inner Divine. I surrender to your loving grace.”
Place your hips up on a cushion and either rest heels on a wall, or float feet upward into the air with legs as straight as two candlesticks. Each time you slowly EXHALE let your body totally surrender to higher love. 10 breaths or more.










D. Savasana Corpse

“My heart rests in the Universal Heart filled with love and compassion.”
Allow your mind and body to sink into peace and stillness. Rest for 8 minutes or more.



Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise or weight-loss program. The general information displayed here is not intended to substitute for or replace your healthcare professional.

Five Element Yoga® is a vibrant and colorful flowing practice created by Jennifer Reis. She draws from Eastern traditions of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Integrative Yoga Therapy and Kripalu Yoga. The result of practice both nourishes and balances your inner earth, water, fire, air, and ether elements to cultivate harmony and increase health. Join Jennifer for Five Element Yoga retreats: Martha’s Vineyard, Kripalu Center, and more!


Recommended practice on CD or MP3: Five Element Yoga®: All Levels Guided Yoga Practice and Deep Relaxation: Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra®.

Jennifer Reis Yoga© Photos by Michael Reis at the Yoga Barn MV.

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