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Meridian Five Element Yoga®and Self-Massage for Spring — 5-Part Series

All-Levels. For Everyone, Including Beginners! 6-CEs YACEP

This is a Limited-Time On-Demand Series

Register Now and Practice All Spring Through June 21st!

You Will Receive:

✔ Unlimited video access for all sessions through June 21st.

50+page Meridian Five Element Yoga® and Self-Massage for Spring WORKBOOK! Unique Workbook special for this Series.

Experience Natural Ways to Clear Winter Stagnation and Heaviness 

Springtime means intense new energies enter our sphere, and the Wood Element becomes more active within. In this series with Jennifer Reis, learn how to decongest and cleanse this Spring Season for greater clarity and ease of being. You’ll learn the location of the Spring-Wood meridians (energy channels) and be guided in simple practices to clear and activate your meridians in this potent practice that synthesizes yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine together.

The ‘sleeping bear’ of the liver and gallbladder organs and their corresponding Wood Element meridians awaken during Spring. This is the main detoxification system in the body, and is more affected by stress and emotions than the other organs.

When Wood Element is stagnant, anger, irritability, intensity, rigidity, depression, insomnia, feeling stuck, and trouble with ‘going with the flow’ are common. Physically this can cause difficulty digesting, bloat, nausea, menstrual difficulties, allergies, headaches, stiff joints, aches and pains, unclear direction and anger bursts.

You will love the easy flow of meridian yoga postures and self-massage techniques that will help to decongest, nourish, and strengthen your Spring-Wood Meridian channels. The results will leave you feeling increased peace, a sense of flow in your body and in your life, greater expansion and freedom of vision and possibility, with a smoother flow of emotions.

Renew Yourself this Spring Season!

What you’ll get:

  • 5 Sessions: One hour and fifteen-minute On-Demand Sessions with Jennifer. 
  • Each Session will focus on activating Wood Element meridians with yoga postures, rhythmic movement, special breathing, shiatsu self-massage, and relaxation meditation.  
  • Yoga Nidra deep relaxation completes each session to seal in the lasting effects of our practices.  
  • Recording access for all Sessions through May 31st. 
  • Meridian Five Element Yoga® Spring-Wood Element WORKBOOK. Exclusive to this Series, for continued practice and reference.
  • Helpful tips, instructions, and modifications. 
  • A loving and light atmosphere with an expert Certified Yoga Therapist, Licensed Massage and Shiatsu Therapist. 

Benefits can be experienced after just one session as you detox and gently activate your vitality. Practicing with your Spring-Wood meridians, you will nourish your whole being, to feel peaceful and at home once again within your body, mind and heart.

“Your yoga and teaching style sings to my soul. The meridian and massage techniques are especially yummy, the mudras are powerful and the yoga nidra is divine. Your classes have enriched my practice. Thank you for teaching online which makes it so accessible for me.” ~Trudy

Discount Code If You Need It: REDUCE-TO-128 Enter code at bottom of checkout page.

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