LEVEL 2 Divine Sleep® Trainings


For Graduates of any Yoga Nidra Teacher Training (must be 30-40hrs) and Graduates of Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra Teacher Training. (Prerequisite 40hr Divine Sleep Yoga® Nidra Teacher Training or other Yoga Nidra Teacher Trainings of 30-40hrs minumum).

I have finally let go of the crutch of needing my notes. I have recently taught two classes without notes and they flowed beautifully! The confidence I’ve gained with Jennifer has been priceless. I’ve honed my teaching skills and my personal practice has also evolved in a much more fulfilling way. Just when I thought I couldn’t go any deeper, you showed me there are still layers to explore.

~ Claudia Gukeisen


Join fellow graduates of Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra Teacher Training and other Yoga Nidra trainings for an inspiring and productive 40-hr training of in-depth learning, honing skills, sharing and connection!

We will dive more deeply into the practice of Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra and the five koshas, exploring wholeness at each level, allowing you to discover more about the potent practice of yoga nidra to share in your classes, workshops and private sessions.

Take your practice and teaching to the next level of skill and enjoyment, as you gain more understanding of the power and potency of yoga nidra and the five koshas within the structure of Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra! In this advanced training, you will develop your skills to deliver yoga nidra to groups and individuals in many settings:


  • Develop your voice as a guide tapping into the power of your inner wisdom guide to write beautiful SCRIPTS.
  • Learn to cultivate POTENT THEMES uniting all stages and koshas within your script for seamless coherency and a complete experience.
  • Discover how to allow your CREATIVITY to flow.
  • Expand your understanding of SANKALPA: Uncover your Heart’s deepest wish and learn how to help your students discover theirs.
  • Create depth of INNER SANCTUARY to hold a soothing retreat and container within your yoga nidras.
  • Go to the next level within MIND-EMOTIONS and WISDOM-WITNESS levels to create shifts in negative beliefs and habits.
  • Dive into IMAGERY and the JOURNEY to explore the secrets of creating powerful, creative and meaningful scripts.
  • Explore HEALING techniques in every Stage and Kosha to bring about therapeutic shifts.

Level 2 Learning Objectives

  • Receive advanced training in leading Divine Sleep® to groups and individuals.
  • Participate in advanced group lectures and peer discussion groups.
  • Receive advanced Divine Sleep® experiential group and one-on-one practice sessions.
  • Develop your understanding of
    • Creating Theme
    • The Journey
    • Sankalpa and Inner Sanctuary
    • Mental-Emotional & Wisdom-Witness levels and stages
    • Healing Techniques for every Stage & Kosha
  • Learn about evidence-based research showing the efficacy of yoga nidra mindfulness meditation with different populations.
  • Deepen your personal practice of Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra.

Upon completion of the Level 2 Training you are eligible to

  • Be listed on the Divine Sleep website as a Level 2 Guide and use Logo.
  • Be recommended by Divine Sleep to people seeking yoga nidra in their local area.
  • Assist at Jennifer’s 40hr and Level 2 trainings, as well as retreats.
  • New! Access the valuable “Divine Sleep® Guides’s Resource Webpage” to download Divine Sleep teaching materials and professionally designed promotional materials, inspiration, and more!
  • New! Join the “Divine Sleep® Guides Alumnae Network” (coming soon! additional fees apply).