Five Element Yoga®Therapy Workshop


Monday, JULY 24

7 – 9 pm ET

All-levels For Everyone!

Includes 3-Week Video Access + PDF Handouts. 2 CEs YACEP

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Avoid Burnout!

Do you want to stay cool, calm, balanced and relaxed this summer? The ‘Fire Element’ season of summer is characterized by excitement, warmth, and outward flowing energy. However, this fiery season can also lead to over-heating, dehydration, anxiety, irritation, disturbed sleep and can result in burnout.

Join me as I guide you to Soothe your Summer Fire in this two-hour workshop utilizing the comprehensive practices of Five Element Yoga®. Through yoga postures, special breathing techniques, mudras, self-massage, and acupressure, you will discover easy practices to stay cool and balanced. And, a Summer Soothing Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra guided meditation will help you reach a state of deep relaxation and promote better sleep.

🔺 Learn about the fire element with easy, fast practices to bring cooling balance to your body and mind.

🔺 Become calm, sleep better and shift into parasympathetic healing mode as you learn how to stimulate the vagus nerve for summer.

🔺 Enjoy an in-depth variety of potent yoga practices.

🔺 Bring yourself back into equilibrium during this summer season.

With the tools and techniques provided in this workshop, you will embrace the splendor of Fire Element’s energy, while ensuring you remain grounded and centered, allowing yourself to flow with calm harmony through the summer season. You will leave equipped with valuable understanding and resources for Summer self-care and wellness.

This Workshop will help you:

  • Cool body and mind during Summer intensity alleviating discomfort.
  • Cultivate Relaxation — helps calm the nervous system, reduce stress and reduce overall body temperature.
  • Dissipate Heat — allowing heat to dissipate more effectively with specific practices.
  • Increase Circulation — improved blood circulation nurtures a cooling effect in the body and mind.
  • Improve Sleep — learning how to relax your body and mind with our yoga and yoga nidra facilitates a better sleep.
  • Increase Energy and Vitality — feeling less drained and having more energy available makes it easier to cope with the wearing effects of heat, promoting a sense of calm and well-being.
  • Promote mind-body Connection — promotes a sense of balance and harmony, making it easier to navigate the challenges brought on by heat and humidity.

I’m inspired by how you lead us with your peaceful presence and seasoned wealth of information. ~ Nancy

Please know how grateful I am for your generous and deeply effective offering. You are my steadying spirit. ~Ann

What you will receive:

✔ 2-hour Live-Online Workshop — with Q&A and Community time after the Workshop.

✔ Soothing Five Element Yoga® Therapy practice that includes:

  • rhythmic movement and yoga postures
  • soothing breathwork
  • hand mudras with mantra affirmations
  • self-massage and acupressure

✔ Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra – Special Soothing Summer Journey.

✔ Helpful tips, instructions, and modifications.

✔ On-Demand Recording of the Workshop for 3-weeks in your in case you miss part, or cannot attend, and to practice and refresh your experience.

✔ Soothing Summer Fire Practice Handouts: Exclusive to this Workshop – enjoy continuing your practice with this helpful reference.

✔ A loving and light atmosphere with a super-experienced Yoga Teacher, Certified Yoga Therapist, Licensed Massage and Shiatsu Therapist.

Stay Cool, Calm and Balanced this Summer!

DISCOUNT CODE If You Need It: REDUCE-TO-36 (20%) Click “Have a coupon?” at bottom of checkout page and enter the code.

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