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Yoga Nidra Journey


Thursday, June 8, 8:00 – 9:00 pm ET

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‘Cozy Nest of Restoration’ yoga nidra journey takes you on a relaxing and renewing meditation through all levels of your being for deepest effects. Your journey begins with releasing tensions in your body, and feeling like you’re sinking into a soothing nest, you listen to your heart for an intention.

Then you imagine yourself in nature by a gentle flowing stream that allows you to feel fluid and peaceful. The stream leads you to beautiful petals and leaves that form into a circle of color, bringing everything together in harmony and divine pattern. You rest in a soft nest, feeling loved, cherished, and open to receive the restoring nourishment that nature’s nest gives you. Gratitude fills you for yourself, nature, and all beings.


Receive the Gift of Inner Connection and Deep Relaxation

Jennifer Reis has been leading yoga nidra classes, workshops, retreats and trainings for 20 years. One of the foremost teachers of yoga nidra, Jennifer will skillfully lead you in this relaxing and joyful 1-hour practice.

We will begin with a short discussion, instructions, and hand mudra to help us get centered. Then you’ll be guided through a new and unique 45-minute Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra created by Jennifer.

Receive deep healing rest through this lying down, guided meditation with Jennifer’s calming voice accompanied by inspiring music. You will be led through your five ‘kosha’ levels, allowing healing and restoration within every aspect of your being. This includes body sensing, heart’s intention, breath meditation, positive emotions, and journeying into landscapes and nature, healing and bliss.

Yoga nidra is proven to heal your body and mind by shifting you into the natural healing parasympathetic mode.

I am beyond thrilled to have had so many amazing experiences with your Divine Sleep Nidra sessions. Your imagery and voice transcend me to the most beautiful places. I have such a sense of relaxation and balance after any of your sessions. Some sessions I flow in and out; others I have gone right to sleep and wake up toward the end. Either way, I love it!!” Carolyn

Register Now $15.

DISCOUNT CODES If You Need Them: 20-PERCENT-OFF or 30-PERCENT-OFF Click “Have a coupon?” at bottom of checkout (next page) and enter the code.

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