Trish Hart
Pouring From a Full Cup

While working in the therapeutic world of a mental health practice, I got lost in my student’s well-being, and neglected my own self-care.

For several years I have been working at holistic mental health practice. My job is split between being a therapeutic-focused yoga and meditation instructor, and a stress management specialist. I also teach yoga at several studios, as well as at my home studio, and run a summer time beach yoga program. I also lecture for a large insurance company and Harvard University. Needless to say, my plate is overflowing with robust work, and I am making a notable difference in people’s lives. I absolutely love it!

Although my work fills my soul, the nature of this work, which can quite complicated, and physically and mentally draining. Patients often present with both mental and physical issues, requiring my full attention and empathy. I experience “JOY” when a patient progresses and thrives. However, the opposite can also hold true: I can personally feel “PAIN” if they struggle. If I am not careful balancing my own self-care, I can become vulnerable.

A few years back I felt especially depleted. My cup was too empty to give. I was losing sleep, not taking care of myself and my needs, felt little enjoyment in life and in my personal relationships. I knew I had to do something to change. I began to practice more yoga and meditation. That is when I had my first experience with yoga nidra.

One of the trauma therapists raved to me about how healing yoga nidra was. I became curious, and my search led me to Jennifer’s Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra. I began practicing with her journeys and fell in love with her soothing voice. I loved the simpleness of the practice: this was something I could do lying down at the end of my day!

Every time I practice Divine Sleep® I always feel profound shifts within myself. I truly ‘reset’. For me it’s such a deep relaxation that I now get more restful sleep. It also helps me to feel balanced and whole again. Because my results were so positive, I knew this would be a valuable tool to share with my students, and was committed to become certified!

The moons aligned and Jennifer would be leading a teacher training nearby my home. I am already a 500-hour registered yoga instructor, but Jennifer’s training raised my teaching to a whole other level, more than the other trainings had done for me in five years! Jennifer taught me the deep yogic roots of yoga nidra.

And that there is so much more to it than just reading the words of a script. I learned the neuroscience, about yoga philosophy and the five koshas, about the energy-subtle body, how to practice mudras, breathing, and more. With lots of hands-on exercises, including writing my own script, and opportunities to experience different types of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra journeys, I felt very ready to share it with my patients and students upon graduation.

I had an incredibly transformational experience during one particular journey in the training. I discovered exactly what I need now, and it has become my powerful life-intention “Honor Thyself to Be Radiant”. That phrase stirs my heart. What was so amazing is that in the lucid state of yoga nidra, those words were delivered by my mother. I know this intention arose to help keep me in balance, to protect my personal boundaries, and remind me to take care of myself. I felt I ‘got’ my own guidance stemming from my subconscious needs.

I began to lead Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra immediately. I combine it with restorative yoga, followed by tea, a couple evening a month, and my students love it! Although I lead yoga nidra to everyone, I’ve noticed it’s particularly effective for those with trauma, addiction, and those who have limited movement and chronic pain. I think this is because Divine Sleep helps them to reconnect mind with body and body with mind, especially during the ‘body scan’ and ‘journey’ stages. It’s safe and healing.

I enjoy sharing the gift of Divine Sleep with others, but it truly fills my cup and nurtures my own needs! Now I can serve others with balance. Thank you, Jennifer, for educating me and sharing with me the amazing practice of Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra!