Abhaya Varada Mudra


Abhaya Varada Mudra helps to cultivate FEARLESSNESS and TRUST in what is to come.

FIVE ELEMENTS: Abhaya Varada activates and awakens EARTH and WATER ELEMENTS which initiates a downward flow of energy and breath into the pelvis and legs, to feel a sense of grounding, weightedness, and calm.

“I move forward without fear, in complete safety.”

Hold Abhaya Varada Mudra with Left hand in front of the belly, and Right hand cupped facing forward, for 5-10 natural breaths. State the affirmation three times out loud, then silently. Notice how you feel.

  • Reduces stress, anxiety and insecurity.
  • Calms, grounds and centers your mind, emotions, body and energy.
  • Helps you feel safety and also trust in the future.
  • Nourishes the elimination system.
  • Allows you to align with your True Self.

No known cautions.

The mudras, and the information provided here, is modified from Mudras for 
Healing and Transformation by Joseph and Lilian LePage, founders of 
Integrative Yoga Therapy.


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