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Yoga Wisdom + Inspiration
Enjoy these simple meditations that you can practice anytime, from 1-minute or longer, or all day!         Gaze into a FLOWER. Notice and savor your time inside this flower. Use all of your senses: See the colors, patterns, geometric forms; Smell its fragrance; Feel its texture; Sense it opening like wings out to the Universe and the stars and planets... BREATHE for 3-minutes into your Belly with...
Spring-time has intense new energies! Here are some Tips to help you stay happy and healthy in all the ups and downs during this season of WOOD ELEMENT. Be mindful and aware of your body, energy, and mood.   Encourage your innate CALM - focus on relaxing your mind, body and heart. Take it SLOW and EASY. Get OUTSIDE: take walks in nature when you can. MOVE your body more!...
Ephemeral movement with an amazing singer welcome the light in together in this lovely video! When my musician and sister-in-law Senta Reis posted this, I could not wait to share this with you here!
An oldie but a goodie! From obese, disabled and in pain, Arthur Boorman transformed with yoga! His motto: 1. START. 2. DON'T QUIT! I love that!!! Daily yoga and meditation practice WILL transform you too, from the inside out.