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Relaxation + Sleep
Ahhhh calming winter scenes in the mountains, streams, waterfalls - soothing music - this is just lovely! Enjoy.
A beautiful sleep lullaby prayer from the talented Karen Drucker. Click Below:      
Autumn Season is inherently scattering - windy, dry, cool, and unpredictable - it can leave you cold, fearful, scattered and ungrounded. That is because according to Traditional Chinese Medicine METAL ELEMENT rules the season, and AIR + ETHER Elements says yoga/Ayurvedic wisdom. Every season requires work for us to stay harmonized and happy. Here are 5 Easy Steps to stay balanced this Fall: 1. STAY WARM: Cover up in layers...
Watch the leaves as they turn into their fullest artistic autumn expression of colors! Then they let go: what a marvelous teaching for us. This VIDEO is 11 hours of relaxing music and visuals for you to ease your mind and heart. CLICK BELOW TO VIEW VIDEO