Relaxation + Sleep
On my bike ride this morning I was so inspired by the stream on my path that I took a video so you too could enjoy the calming and energizing flow of the spring water down the mountainside with all its good ju-ju, complete with sparkling vitality of the sunlight. A refreshing spring stream for you!  
March 19, 2022
Five Element Yoga® includes numerous types of Self-Massage including Swedish, Traditional Chinese Meridians and energy points, acupressure, and Ayurvedic treatments. Enjoy this easy soothing flow to CALM DOWN or to FALL ASLEEP!  Enjoy this as a pdf or on this page. SOOTHING SELF MASSAGE PDF click here
Practice Pause during your day to be here now, giving yourself the gift of fully living into this beautiful moment. I love listening to this slow piano music that helps me to drop my thoughts, fears, and busyness, allowing me to open to the present. Sometimes I watch the video too, beautiful nature scenes in Italy, reminding me of the potent calm nature and beauty can bring, even on a...
Ahhhh calming winter scenes in the mountains, streams, waterfalls - soothing music - this is just lovely! Enjoy.