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Nature Bliss
January 15, 2022
The sacred cow! How often we forget just how much cows have given to humans over thousands of years. They are often overlooked, and if you take the time when you have the chance, you'll notice just what beautiful, amazing, and sweet creatures they are. We regularly visit our local dairy cows in the area and I'm looking forward to meeting their spring calves. We also have Highland Longhorns on...
Ahhhh calming winter scenes in the mountains, streams, waterfalls - soothing music - this is just lovely! Enjoy.
Wonderfully slow and thoughtfully done, this video shows the beauty and contrast of the LIGHT and the DARK that our friends in the North experience. Get ready to feel that lovely Scandinavian coziness called ‘hygge’. Somewhat similar to my youth in Canada, but I had it not quite as extreme as the location of this video in northern Sweden. I recall just how magic the night-time light was: holiday lights...
Watch the leaves as they turn into their fullest artistic autumn expression of colors! Then they let go: what a marvelous teaching for us. This VIDEO is 11 hours of relaxing music and visuals for you to ease your mind and heart. CLICK BELOW TO VIEW VIDEO