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Nature Bliss
Wow this is so interesting! How DO they sleep in space? Cute video with Chris in Canada shows us how its done! (I can imagine if they had yoga nidra pumped into their sleep stations it would improve their sleep too!)
Fly with the flight of the birds in their flocks on a microlight with a young boy, a man playing an accordian (? you have to see it to believe), and others! Truly incredible! You get to see them in flight and also see with the bird's eye view beautiful landscapes that they see.
January 2, 2020
Polar Bears journey along the edge of Hudson's Bay, Manitoba Canada in Wapusk National Park. Polar bears are so fascinating and maternal. Enjoy watching these roly-poly cubs and mother bear. It's so important for us to stay connected to nature, her beauty and purity. CLICK ON LARGE IMAGE BELOW TO WATCH
So precious! Babies with their dogs who seem to be so aware and caring of these new beings in the world and just how delicate and vulnerable they are. This brings calm joy to my heart!