Nature Bliss
Growing up in the great white north of Canada, the Northern Lights were a regular occurance, but always a very special one! Each sighting was different and awe-inspiring. This is a great video of the lights in many northern areas. I hope you enjoy sharing with me something special from my youth.
This is so cute! Do you ever feel like just sleeping in, playing 'dead' and avoiding something you're not fond of doing? Totally normal! Especially right now during the pandemic. Animals are very smart and our own pets know a lot of words, and our intentions by reading our body language with things we do that we're not ever aware of ourselves. I still have no idea how Clara knows...
Iceland is one big transition after another kindled by the mix of the elements: Earth + Water + Fire + Air + Ether = Beauty and continual change everywhere you look with the play of Elements. Relaxing music and a looooong sweet video offered here for you to slow down, observe nature, and receive the gifts change brings. Click image below for video:  
Amazing time-lapse film photography capturing the change of light over the most beautiful scenery! I am reminded of this poem:     Each time I look at a fine landscape: Each time that I meet a loved friend, I raise my voice and recite a stanza of poetry, And am glad as though a God had crossed my path. ~ Po Chu-I, Chinese Poet 772-846