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Ephemeral movement with an amazing singer welcome the light in together in this lovely video! When my musician and sister-in-law Senta Reis posted this, I could not wait to share this with you here!
An oldie but a goodie! From obese, disabled and in pain, Arthur Boorman transformed with yoga! His motto: 1. START. 2. DON'T QUIT! I love that!!! Daily yoga and meditation practice WILL transform you too, from the inside out.
Esther is one of my inspiring yoga students! She sends me many interesting and heartfelt emails, one of which is this article that she has generously agreed to let me post here. I love these easy ways to bring 'Calm and Collect' into my day! I think you'll enjoy this too: One of the most exciting discoveries of modern neurobiology has been the role of oxytocin—the hormone released through warmth,...
Larry Callies's life has had many twists and turns. Talk about a resilient spirit! Life changed him and he changed too - gaining wisdom, and a newfound knowledge of himself. It reminds me of how life right now is changing and asking so many of us to grow right now. May we flow with it like Larry has. (Plus, growing up in cowboy country, I'm sucker for cowboy stories and...