Grief & Sadness: Working Through Transition


Grief is a natural response to loss, change, and transition. It can be loss of a loved one, pet, job, war, way of life and more. This can manifest in many different ways, both emotionally and physically. Working with grief is a deeply personal and individual process.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine autumn season with it’s Metal Element corresponds to the Lung and Large Intestine energy channels and organ systems. Each season has a unique influence on our health and emotions, and grief, loss and sadness can be particularly stimulated and relevant to the Metal element and autumn season. It is a natural time of the year to feel feelings of grief, loss, and sadness.

Here are some steps and strategies to help you work with Grief & Sadness:

  • Harvest and Letting Go: Autumn is a time of harvest, as the season encourages us to reflect on what we’ve grown and gained in our lives. This process of transition can bring up feelings of grief and sadness as we part with the old and make room for the new.
  • Allow Yourself to Feel: Notice the range of emotions, including sadness, anger, guilt, and even relief. It’s essential to give yourself permission to feel and notice these emotions without judgment. Suppressing feelings can prolong the grieving process.

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