Nature Bliss

August 29, 2018
I had no idea CATS MASSAGING DOGS was a thing! I have a new task at hand for my dog's training now... Maybe there is a possibility we can all get along! Enjoy this totally hilarious, but also relaxing. Massage is good! I like my massage therapists to have short fingernails though... Enjoy!
August 26, 2018
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July 31, 2018
Great music for yoga, sitting calmly, or what I like to do best with it: listen while I'm on my computer! While I work, it helps me stay alert and focused, and tuned into nature and the elements with water flowing and birds chirping. The flute and strings are lovely!
It's so much fun to watch someone make art! I have so much admiration for the arts and creative expression. I've just begun to paint watercolors again myself, and find it so calming and cooling to express through COLOR and WATER! (P.S. this is not me painting but maybe one day I'll show you my creations!)