Nature Bliss

September 3, 2019
Sometimes big changes happen that you were not expecting: like the day this German Shepherd's owners brought home a kitten! He goes through all the stages of  inner transition: shock, disbelief, aversion, doubt, fear, curiosity, and finally flowing into acceptance, expirimentation, playfulness, sense of ease and into enjoyment of his new-found companion! Now he can't remember what its like not to have a pet kitten!
Beautiful poem of John O'Donohue, 'Beannacht', meaning blessing, recited by the poet himself. He is so elemental and tactile! I can see what he describes.    
Cooling forests are the perfect environment for the many varieties of mushroom wonders blooming in this video. Watch the magic - without needing to consume anything!        
Tee hee! These dueling dogs show us how its done! The expressions on their faces are what are truly remarkable because they have no idea how really great they are.