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March 2, 2017
"With a heart of compassion I send love and forgiveness to myself." Karuna means 'compassion' and gives us the ability to see ourselves and others in a compassionate light. One hand faces towards our heart, and the other towards all beings, creating unity through higher understanding, forgiveness, and absolute compassion. "The highest spiritual practice is Self-observation with compassion and without judgment."   ~ Swami Kripalu       Begin by placing...
March 2, 2017
Kubera refers to the qualities represented by the lord of 'wealth, wisdom and the remover of obstacles'. Kubera mudra helps to your blocks to be allows you to unfold your fullest potential! "My Inner Golden Light Sparkles, Opening Me to My Potential." HOW TO: With both hands, curl all of your fingers into the centers of your palms. Extend pointer and middle fingers to touch thumb tips. Rest hands upward...