jen yoga beach
Love + Laughter
April 2, 2018
Funny and cute! My Mom and I use to Jazzercize back in the day, and this darling guy JP just brought it all back for me. BTW 'Yoga Comedian' might be a good occupation!  
I'm amazed at the little world these four babies have created for their tribe! Lots of hugs going around in the midst of funny little expressive 'cooings' as they 'talk' to each other. They are in a whole other world of their own world - in beautiful connection and communication!    
These folks can show us how its done! Dancing is one of my favorite practices, and its so incredibly inspiring to watch the beautiful expressions of joy shining through the sparking souls in this video. It's amazingly edited to the exact beat of uplifting Uptown Funk.      
October 30, 2017
Who is the caregiver? Who is the dad? Very cute!