Love + Laughter
February 26, 2019
Sweetest story with a happy ending! Two baby deer are born in someone's backyard and one had a lame leg. They took the deer in to allow her to heal, and successfully released her back to Mommy Deer! Updated videos follow of how the deer grows up healthy, well and whole.         CLICK ABOVE IMAGE TO SEE VIDEO
February 2, 2019
Video of Kapota Dove Mudra and Hridaya Heart Mudra to help you connect you with the essence of your Heart @Kripalu Center with birdsong.           Click on LARGE image for VIDEO                  
December 26, 2018
Toshiko Horiuchi is a leading artist in Canada and her native Japan who knits and crochets to make her interactive work. Many of her exhibitions are 'playgrounds' for children which are so imaginative and fun! It really helps children test their bodies, their balance, and to expand their imaginations for what is possible both physically and creatively. My question is, where are the adults? We all have bodies and all...
Very sweet! Our dear pets can be so open and trusting and seem to be able to fall asleep almost anywhere - even in a garden pot! Warning: this may cause drowsiness!