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Love + Laughter
January 2, 2020
Polar Bears journey along the edge of Hudson's Bay, Manitoba Canada in Wapusk National Park. Polar bears are so fascinating and maternal. Enjoy watching these roly-poly cubs and mother bear. It's so important for us to stay connected to nature, her beauty and purity. CLICK ON LARGE IMAGE BELOW TO WATCH
So precious! Babies with their dogs who seem to be so aware and caring of these new beings in the world and just how delicate and vulnerable they are. This brings calm joy to my heart!      
September 28, 2019
I love this song by Phillip Phillips about making this place HOME! It gives me encouragement that where ever I am, will be home, because home lives within us where ever we are. It's here for you with words so you can take it in visually and poetically, and even sing along if you like!
September 3, 2019
Sometimes big changes happen that you were not expecting: like the day this German Shepherd's owners brought home a kitten! He goes through all the stages of  inner transition: shock, disbelief, aversion, doubt, fear, curiosity, and finally flowing into acceptance, expirimentation, playfulness, sense of ease and into enjoyment of his new-found companion! Now he can't remember what its like not to have a pet kitten!