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We are each imbued with a fountain of inner strength. In trying times it may feel like strength is beyond reach or inaccessibly bound up in tension. Acknowledging that you have an unending source of inner strength is the first step to rediscovering it! And getting in touch with your inner strength can feel great. Physical, Mental, and Emotional strength weave together synergistically to bring potency to the other. Let's...
March 2, 2017
Have you been searching for wealth outside yourself? Perhaps in a goal that is attainable, something you are working towards, a perfection that has not yet come to fruition. Other times there may be feelings of shame bubbling up around how we think we ought to be, or what we don't have, or expected that we should have. You are not alone in this. I catch myself all the time...
February 28, 2017
This is a hilarious yoga class from CBC in Canada! Proof that even our neighbours to the north can have blue days (although here in the US I like to think its all rainbows and blue sky to up there!) Hope you enjoy it, I hope that your yoga teacher is nice to you and not too needy.            
January 29, 2017
It could be that water element is my favorite of the five elements. Water represents the feminine flow of the breath, of the emotions, and of the rhythms of nature, which is often the very thing I'm lacking when I'm living out my daily schedule of 'doing' and getting things done. It's so easy to forget about and neglect the body and its needs and messages; the breath; and the...