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Five Element Yoga® Practices
August 26, 2018
Join me for Peaceful Breathing to help calm and sooth you, bring you back into the moment for greater simplicity in your mind and body. CLICK HERE  
Samputa Mudra allows you to trust in your inner radiance and treasures, awakening integrity and allowing you to communicate your truth with clarity. Hold your left hand cupped underneath your right in front of your belly, or on your lap, for 5-10 natural breaths. State the affirmation three times out loud, then silently. "My inner treasure shines radiantly within me, sparking my glow." Especially good for learning to listen to...
Sleep! It's as necessary as food, shelter and clothing. Yet there can be bumpy times when sleep is oh so difficult. As a certified yoga therapist, I spend a lot of time assisting my students and clients on improving their sleep. I hope you enjoy these practices Zzzzzz... Yoga Nidra #1 Most helpful is listening to Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra Insomnia Track that you play in bed to put you...
Enjoy this article by Jenn Savage in Mother Nature Network blog, featuring a short yoga flow with ME! All levels can easily do this practice.   CLICK HERE to Practice Now!