September 3, 2019
Sometimes big changes happen that you were not expecting: like the day this German Shepherd's owners brought home a kitten! He goes through all the stages of  inner transition: shock, disbelief, aversion, doubt, fear, curiosity, and finally flowing into acceptance,...
Beautiful poem of John O'Donohue, 'Beannacht', meaning blessing, recited by the poet himself. He is so elemental and tactile! I can see what he describes.    
Try these three easy massage points to help with summer heat and discomfort! Simply press in a rhythmic motion these acupressure points for 1-3 minutes each, on both hands, in a comfortable manner (you don't need to make it hurt...
Cooling forests are the perfect environment for the many varieties of mushroom wonders blooming in this video. Watch the magic - without needing to consume anything!