November 28, 2018
Chinmaya Mudra creates a sense of balance and alignment within the body's structure helping you to feel calm, rooted and supported from within. This in turn instills a sense of trusting yourself, your body, others and the world around you,...
October 30, 2018
Pranidhana Mudra helps one to let go of attachments. That means release of muscular and emotional tensions, as well as assisting the health of the eliminatory, urinary, and reproductive systems. Deeply relaxing, Pranidhana can lower both blood pressure and stress...
October 29, 2018
Soundstrue created this beautiful video of myself and my dear Mohican friend Shawn Stevens on the sacredness of the land at Kripalu. Shawn's ancestors lived here for thousands of years in harmony with the land, then suffered an imposed 'letting...
Very sweet! Our dear pets can be so open and trusting and seem to be able to fall asleep almost anywhere - even in a garden pot! Warning: this may cause drowsiness!  
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